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clearString is different

Just about everything to do with clearstring will be different to the way you have developed websites and applications before - and everything is better! clearString allows you to concentrate on the appearance and the business logic of your website or application. The process can be as complex as you wish - there are no limitations - and clearString will create the code for you. Right, first time, with no debugging of multiple lines of code.

The 'Quick start walkthrough '

We have developed the 'Quick start walkthrough ' to get you up to speed as painlessly as possible.

The Site that you are given as part of your download or as part your Cloud trial is much more than just a webpage ready to be edited. We figure that you have already experienced what Content Management feels like as a user. 

The Example gives you some immediate experience of manipulating Components, and working with Layout Elements; seeing how a site is constructed and generally getting into the mindset. 

It's all straightforward, step-by-step stuff, and it will give you an excellent introduction in less than 1 hour.

What does the walkthrough cover?

You will find out how to ...

  • Create your first site
  • Login to your site to edit it,
  • Change the appearance of the site,
  • Add, and move pages around the site,
  • Modify the content on the pages,
  • Get started with data handling - tables, forms, queries, and emails. 


Part 1 - How to use your site
Explains how to use the example site, and how best to use this walkthrough 

Part 2 - How to create a webpage
Explains basic site construction and page editing tools

Part 3 - How to use a Form and Email
Introduces the techniques for getting data into the system and using the integrated email system with a simple Enquiry Form to Email example.

Part 4 -  How to work with Data and Queries
Introduces the advanced data-handling tools and techniques that are the foundation of Application Development. 


Go to the Quick start Walkthrough now...

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