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clearString for Business: No-code development platform

Build your own applications.clearString is the fastest and easiest way to create new applications at any scale from Public access to small-team use. Develop new ideas or convert your existing business processes to fully integrated database driven applications that can be accessed on your network or across the Internet.

Beyond Low Code, clearString is fully codeless: end-to-end code free.

Rapidly build custom work-flows and reporting, with complete flexibility of process design and flow. Real SQL capability that everyone can use. Created for business users: solving the shortage of skilled developers.

Custom reports

The exact reports you need with no coding. Workflow, finance, inventory, HR, product, inspection: build what you need. Today.

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CRM & Marketing

Build the custom apps your business needs with no coding. Integrate Twitter, LinkedIn and email into scheduled campaigns.

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Business processes

Automate your own business processes in minutes with no coding. Manage product, schedule people & events.

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clearString for Developers and Designers

Extend your web capability.

Integrate your Creatives with database and robust interactive codeless web development tools to build custom solutions without design restrictions.

Total design control

Fast app building. Easy D'n'D components. Integrate media. GUI CSS editor. Secure permission control - and no manual coding

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Desktop to Mobile

Create once: deploy to multiple formats. Delegate content creation & manage multiple screen sizes without content duplication.

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Sell your own Apps

Monetize your sites and apps. Host your own cloud services. Total application hosting with metering and full revenue management.

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Comprehensive features

  • Manage Content
  •  Wysiwyg, text editing
  •  Approval Controls
  •  Workflow Locking
  • Manage Design
  •  Separate content from design
  •  Interactive CSS Editor
  •  'Themes' manage appearance
  • Manage Data
  •  Custom Form creation
  •  Complete database services
  •  Email integration
  • Manage Users
  •  Per component permissions
  •  Automated profile management
  •  Full login & Security controls
  • Manage Structure
  •  Drag'n'drop components
  •  Automatic navigation
  •  Interactive Layout Manager
  • Manage Costs
  •  Simple licensing
  •  Low cost Cloud & On Premises
  •  Clone & Replicate your solutions

Drag and Drop construction with complete design control


Regaining your data sovereignty

You choose where your system is served from.



On Premises



Private Cloud



Public Cloud